They say…

The dogs in my family are generally pampered. Look what Holly had for dinner today.

Bah Kut Teh
Can you make it out? No? That’s bah kut teh. Seriously (not overnighted shit).

Chowing down
And in the process of 4 minutes, clean as a whistle.

Queen poser
Running around after a meal isn’t conducive for your tummy and she knows it. So what’s a vainpot to do but strike a pose?


Blood squirting

The ongoing hot season doesn’t seem to only be affecting us humans. Heat also means tick season is around the corner and that is indeed the case. OK OK, so maybe she should stop sleeping on the grass but there’s nothing we can do to stop that.

I will spare you the horror of tick popping & the amount of blood involved. Holly will therefore partake in no car rides until she is ‘cleansed’.

Tugu Holly

Superwoman No More

Let’s see, something like one week ago, Holly had a really really nasty brush with death. Mum didn’t see her and ran over her leg. Yes, over her. I stopped her just in time before Holly became history.
Right now, she’s in a friggin splint. I like to call it her lolly pop stick & she’s just had her stitches removed a few hours ago. Never mind the fact that she’s lost heckuva lot of weight, she barely registered on the weighing scale yesterday. Give her another week or so and she’ll be galopping around the place again, I’m sure. Anyways, pictures :)







What is this? House and Lost on the same night? Geeee. I think I’ve just creamed my pants =D

Everytime I have a biology exam around the corner, something really bad happens. Fuckin’ paper is like an omen. It’s like…deja vu. A day before the paper. Exactly a day before the paper just like the last time around. I’m starting to wonder what is it with dogs + biology.

Neither folliage nor berries

Meet Holly. Please don’t ask me what breed she is cause even I have got no clue. Bottom line is tho, she’s dead adorable. Downside to her being just a month old: she sleeps like a friggin’ pig. We’ve managed to potty train her to some effect but it’s not perfect. More on her when I can keep my eyelids open. Till then, this should give you a rough picture on how much time she spends dozing off.