Atari’s Lantern

Now this is a show we liked UNANIMOUSLY.

It didn’t get a lot of publicity (afaik) but definitely a show for all ages and upbringing.


That Caffeine Crutch

So this is week 2 of my attempt to withdraw off coffee. Note I said coffee, not caffeine per se.

Besides my obligatory double espresso every morning, I have been replacing my other 7 or so cups of coffee with a cup or two of tea (depending on what I have on hand) every hour.

Yes..that means give or take sixteen cups of tea in a normal work day.

And yes, that’s a lot of water consumed.

What can I say so far?

My sleep quality has been top notch. I fall asleep promptly at ten pm right after dinner but you must be thinking, how is it actually like during the day?

Well… it’s not that bad to be perfectly honest. I maintain an adequate amount of caffeine intake that allows me to not be a grumpy zombie and still function a-ok.

I don’t crash (or feel like one is coming) in the arvo’s and can still stay awake right up to 10’ish or 11.

Would I recommend it? Only if you think you have a problem and use coffee as a crutch to stay awake, otherwise a regular, constant sleep cycle would be far healthier.

Freeing the arvos

I never realised how much time my workouts were taking until my first week of self enforced down time after pulling a muscle in my back last Sunday.

I guess I’m seeing this little setback as a shift in my quest.