The Week That Was


  1. Ole Ole Ole! Soccer? Pfft, its called FOOTBALL. Say it like the purists.
    Personally speaking, I feel like the French jersey stands out the most amongst the rest.
  2. Cargo. I’m conflicted about this movie. It paces itself like your prototypical Aussie boutique film (which is not saying much) and there’s just so many unanswered questions.
    I get that they intended for it to be thought provoking but dear lord Martin Freeman’s attempt at an Aussie accent was so atrocious I think he gave up midway.
    What happened to civilisation?
    Why keep heading to the river?
    Why insist on going to the hospital at the detriment of his dying wife only to receive nothing and not be even slightly miffed?
    I don’t get it.
  3. Harry Hole #6 – The RedeemerThe way the plot develops and the language Jo Nesbø uses is spectacular. I’m not quite sure if I’ve actually seen this sort of combination ever.
    Without giving away too much, I’m a new fan. Needless to say I will be working my way through his back catalogue.

Kopi O Peng Satu



I drink lots of coffee.
On a usual day I’d say my consumption would swing from a minimum of 3 cups to perhaps 8 if I am truly exhausted.

I’ve owned two proper espresso machines and to say that they have served me faithfully would be an insult to their memory.
They’ve gone above and beyond their expected duties.
I am a caffeine freak if you haven’t realised.

My daily habit burns such a big hole in my pocket when I’m not actually home or at work that I have to decide whether I want to be grumpy and half asleep or just spend a shit ton of money just to function.
It’s not a delightful situation to be in. Trust me on this.

But you know what? A kopi o peng is exactly what the doctor ordered on a hot summery day (yes I’m well aware that its approaching winter where I currently reside).
I’ve got a decent coffee press, a moka pot, and also a porcelain dripper but for those days when you want a taste of home you just can’t beat that buttery smoothness you get when it slips down your gullet.

The caffeine:volume ratio might never come close to an espresso (4 shot long black thanks) but you know what? Sometimes, more is not always best.

Pseudo Loading

I’ve got the flu.
Not the manflu, but the proper flu.
The whole cyclical phase of being ok / not ok is driving me bonkers.

Yeah I know that feeling.
Tongue out Friday.
Brothy, herby, melt (sort of) in your mouth pieces of pork when the weather dips is absolute gold.
Stare. Into. My. Eyes.
Because we always need more warehouses/factories/empty buildings.
This shot reminds me of the poster for the movie Another Earth.

The Iron Lady Speaketh

Listen to the podcast here.

Now that the feel good sentiments have semi subsided & we can go back to business as usual for Negara Malaysia, WTFBBQ.

Seriously, we knew 1MDB was mired in controversy, but something of this magnitude?
How does this guy and his konco sleep at night?
Has he no conscience?

Kudos to the new authorities for trying to set the house in order, not only by having the persons responsible start being answerable to their mess but also by walking the walk (10% pay cut might seem like a pittance but in the grand scheme of things it is a gesture nonetheless).

7 billion ringgit spent merely on INTEREST payments…that is just utter madness.
Gobsmacking insanity.

As expected, the markets have been battered to smithereens over the past week as they adjust to the new regime. I’m fairly certain we all knew what to expect as we ushered in our new government but to reiterate, we are looking at the long term gain here.
What is a momentary blip of it means that our currency not only rebounds but also regains its standing in the global sense of things?

It used to cost me 50 cents for a bowl of curry noodles in primary school, 1 ringgit for a nasi lemak, 1.50 if I had extra dosh and was super hungry for the XL version.
Nowadays? 5.50 ringgit minimum at your local kopitiam (and this is in Klang mind you).

Tun M has kept to his word so far and seems to be working towards the greater goal so perhaps all hope is not lost.