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Espresso Fuelled Mania


Can’t wait for this to come out on BluRay so I can snag myself a legal copy.

The past couple of weeks (who am I kidding, it’s more like since I got back from my holiday) have seen me break my 4 day a week gym cycle and spending most of my free time assembling furniture (I am genuinely sick of Ikea right now).


Thinking of Klang

Oh hello there.



I have no idea why it took me this long to finally say fuck it and started doing this in my front yard. El cheapo suis vide esky plus outdoor gas grill FTW. No more stinky house and pesky fire alarms going off!

Ps: This cost a cool 3.3k



And so here we are. 10 days into 2016 2017.

In 10 days time I’ll be flying back home for Kev’s wedding and also a little r & r.
I’m hella psyched tbh, this holiday has been a long time coming.

Shall we start with the customary new year’s resolutions ?

No 1 is to further reduce how much I imbibe. By my rusty calculation, my longest streak came very close to 2 months (the winter months were the easiest what with the cold and all because all you crave is a warm cup of tea while curling up with a book / movie).
That’s not to say I intend to swear off alcohol altogether, but really to start treating it as well, a treat.

Second on my list is to somehow persist with this semi-healthy eating habit that I’ve formed and to also not let my fitness deteriorate. Those close to me will know of my struggles with the injuries I’ve accumulated over my sports playing days and how they’ve genuinely affected me throughout 2015.
2016 was a huge step forward in terms of being able to keep up with everything that was going on around me, and I fully intend to keep building brick-by-brick upon the base that’s already been formed.

#3 would be to worry less and let things come as they do. I generally try to stay away from sensitive topics (e.g. work lest I run afoul of rules of engagement) so read between the lines. I have realised for quite some time that I need to be less hands on with what I do, but it is not something that is easily accomplished.
The desire to strive for perfection is very much a sisyphean adventure.

For number 4, I’m going to combine 3 items that strike very close to home (and I hope will continue to be my mantra).
Read more, write more, and to stay hungry for all things new.



One of the simplest pasta sauces ever. Reduce some canned tomato with a few dollops of butter and an onion until you get to the consistency of a sauce that you desire, then slap that good stuff on some freshly cooked farfalle.



Round 2 of dog sitting before NY got me feeling like a grandpa. All we did was chill, chill, and chill some more while I devoured episodes of Stranger Things like they were going out of fashion.

L: http://www.grubstreet.com/2017/01/whats-the-best-bottled-water.html
While I’m overjoyed that we’re all over this sugar infatuation, this bottled water fad is still as bad when you come to think of how catastrophic it is from an environmental standpoint.

How do you play futsal without shoes?

After a bout of pseudo flu (as I like to call it) for 2 weeks, I’m finally feeling like I have my legs under me again. Trying to commit to going to the gym 4 times a week, basketball & indoor soccer at least once weekly, plus a good ‘ol park workout on the day of the Sabbath (my Sundays consist of 2 hour gym workout, 1.5 -2 hours basketball session, and then capping it off with said outdoor session at least during these nice glorious Summer days) – and you can see how my body sometimes just says “No hun, you need a rest day”.

Right around this time last year, I remember panting like a dog and giving up midway through a workout we did at the beach. Running up and down sand dunes, doing suicides and sprints…man, I really did feel like I was going to chuck my guts up.

Almost 365 days later, I can confidently say that gardening would be a more strenuous activity.

Looking back, running was both a good and bad thing.
Running was my solace, but metaphorically and literally speaking, you can’t keep on running forever.
Maybe having my knees taken from me was sort of, a good thing.
There were those 6 am gym sessions that I would force myself out of bed made only possible because Steve was willing to be the other idiot that would rise that early with me. Those dark cold winter months were harsh I tell you.

Lifting weights to me is a boring, repetitive action that neither brings me any satisfaction nor gets me out of breath.  Believe it or not, my holy shit moment came when one day I decided to do some leg presses and as sore as it made my glutes feel, I knew it had loosened up my lower back.

Long story short, my goal is to prolong my ability to participate in basketball and soccer on a level that I feel is competitive enough. Coming from a skinny kid growing up, I’m ecstatic in being able to find the balance where I have the stamina to run all around the court but also not get pushed off by bigger players.

Truth be told, I don’t quite know how long I can keep up with this crazy schedule. Being semi-single and not having a family here definitely makes it easier, but things are going to be changing in 2017.
I’m just going to worry less about the things I can’t change, and do more about the matters that I can influence.

ps: I also plan on committing to writing once daily (believe it or not, I could not spell entrepreneur on my own without autocorrect stepping in) as I feel like my command of English is sinking ever so slowly.






After 2 weeks of confused weather, we finally have this! 29° and bright sunshine!

My calendar is chockablock full with engagements over the whole of November so having today all to myself with nothing to worry about, going about my leisurely way is pretty sweet.



Had to scratch this itch that has been bugging me for a while. Soaked up the seat and my shirt while downing this (doing it true blue Malaysian style) but man, it was so satisfying.

Work’s been…hectic I suppose. I’ve never ever been this wrecked and tired at the end of the week, but here’s to hoping everything flows smoothly from here onwards. For a moment there I was genuinely afraid that I was falling ill because of the hours I was keeping, but like with almost everything, sleep solves even the worst things (except maybe AIDS, and well…yeah…death).


At some point in my early days of cooking, I had this amazing stash of herbs and spices that I had in my pantry.
I can’t honestly say that I had any inkling of what paired well with what, but you know, there were plenty of nights where dinner consisted of beer and chips with my botched experiment in the bin.

Like almost everything at life, the more you work at it, the better you get.
Thankfully, those days are behind me.
I also very rarely experiment these days as my schedule doesn’t permit the Dexter in me to run amok anymore.

My major gripe with Adelaide is that getting decent chow is actually pretty darned tricky. Apart from fast food and well…fast food, there really isn’t a huge selection when you really think about it. Reminiscing again, coming from Malaysia and being new in town, I was blown away by the great fusion food and pasta places and etc that we never could afford back home.
Fresh oysters and great steaks? I didn’t know how much they cost back then, but I sure as hell know what they’re going for these days in KL (how do regular Malaysians afford this is beyond me).
Up until maybe a year ago, my gastronomic adventures went unchecked.

I digress, that is a story for another day.

This lady on the other hand, has no issues experimenting with herbs.
I’m gonna steal this recipe for the next time I host a dinner party.