Word passed through the grapevine about this little show called Dark and how great it is.

I had 4 days off over Christmas.
3 nights of being able to relive my teenage days staying up late watching the sun rise.
Naturally, this show became my consumption of choice.

It starts off a little slow (the pacing is ridiculously erratic IMHO), you try and wrap your head around the linguistics of it all (unlike Narcos where everything seems to just flow), and the characters, ah man, don’t get me started about that part. If you don’t pay attention to who is who and how each and every one of them are connected, you’re buggered.

IF you can get over all those humps and want to be wowed by some dark cinematography, then by all means add Dark to your to watch list.

I actually thought it was heaps better than Stranger Things season 2, but it’s easy to be critical of them both for different reasons.
With all of that being said, the ending was a bit of a let down. You sort of get this vibe that the director was intentionally holding back to lure you in for season 2 but this just leads to a frustrating finale. The initial plot of the series revolves around the missing kids and what happens to them.
Why in the bloody hell was this not better explored?

#Rant over#


There was this chat I once had with a friend about how useful these little smart gadgets actually are and why would anyone every desire one. This is especially true if you’re paranoid about your privacy and don’t feel comfortable with what is easily the biggest tech company (I consider apple a phone company as they haven’t put out anything worth their salt in a while) listening to your conversations 24/7 365 days a year. Unless your internet goes out, but that is another story altogether.

Lo and behold, we have one for the living room now. I had a voucher for 20$ at my favourite brick and mortar store plus they had it going for 48$ so….there wasn’t much thought that went into this purchase.
28$ for a mini? That’s a compulsive buy right there.

What can I say after 2 weeks ? It sure does come in handy when I’m cooking and need to set a timer or to play some tunes to get a vibe going but it’s a bit of a shame that you need spotify premium to fully unlock all that lovely features (but not exactly a deal breaker to me).

With all the 75$ for 2 deals going on now, I’d say get one (or 2) and think about what you can use it for later.
I chuck more questions at it without even thinking nowadays.



The Yellow King


After hearing all the fuss that went on about True Detective and having the whole season stashed away on my hard drive for “one of those days”, I was hooked after the first few episodes. Of course, having the lovely Alexandra Daddario appear in the opening episodes didn’t hurt to prod people along the plotline, but after that, I believe it was hook, line, and sinker.


Bravo Matthew McConaughey and Woody Allen. I struggle to think how they will top season one, akin to how amazing House of Cards has managed that feat.
But, we’ll see.

The thing with spoilers

House sits pretty high up on my list of shows that I download religiously. That was, until my lease ended and I got shafted. It took me close to a month bumming around with friends before I could pick out an apartment that I could afford & liked. I am, btw, living on the the supremely awesome side of Adelaide and don’t regret trudging my feet one bit.

The downside to all that was that I literally stopped following a plethora of TV shows. House, was one of them. It took another excruciating month before Telstra could get their shitty act together (definitely not going to get into that cause it’s gonna make me all hot under the collar).

But anyways, I just found out that someone dies whilst blog surfing. For fucks sake, USE a spoiler tag! It’s not hard. It’s pretty simple to add, plus it allows people who haven’t been following to skip over the vital bits. Ugh.

I’ve also noticed that project365 has certainly caught on with Malaysians, which is kinda nice. I can certainly appreciate the act of taking a picture for a whole year, as it sure as hell makes reminiscing heaps great a year or two later. Everytime a person participated in project365, I’d follow through the whole lot, cause you literally get a view of life through that person’s eyes or rather what they choose to show, 365 days a year. Unfortunately, the quality & themes of the snapshots taken these days, leave a rather blugh taste in my mouth. Like really now, are you going to take a picture of what you wore,everyday, for 1 whole year? Isn’t it already enough that the rest of the world has been made to sit through your shameless attempts at spicing up your perceived persona, along with your camwhore shots, that now we have to see how you look like for a year? Nobody’s perfect, yeah, but in all seriousness, don’t tarnish project365 with self shots repetitively. 1 or 2 is fine, but c’mon, it ain’t an excuse to drop your turd shots on us.

Not done packing, not done sleeping, and certainly not done with you

I’ve been trying for nearly a week, and I still can’t beat level 11 on iZoo. It’s definitely addictive; to the point where I occasionally see floating animals in my head when I sleep and how I can move them so that they pop away. I’ve been having to refrain from playing with it too much tho as the thought of having to charge my touch daily (the horror!) is too much to bear. Imagine silence when you fumble with the screen expecting Electrico’s Love in New Wave to send riff raffs through your eardrums but only getting silence instead. If it’s one thing that’s bad with the iPod touch, it’s the battery life of this thing.

On a side note, I went on a little retreat to the sandy but horrendous beaches of Port Dickson last weekend. This time around, time passed by like a whirlwind. I might be a little too ashamed to say, but Blake Lively of a certain chick drama is somewhat attractive. Imagine a grown up Marissa and you kinda get what I mean. YES, I sat through 10 episodes of that over the weekend. It gets better after the the pilot, I promise.

Despite my best attempts at weeding out the clothes and miscellaneous paraphernalia that would otherwise be deemed unimportant, I’m still 10kg over my permitted weight. Heck, my books by themselves already weigh 7kg. That’s fine until it hits you (literally) that those 10kg’s cost a pretty penny- ~700RM.

For those who’ve been wondering about those numbers, season 4 of Lost recently premiered. After the whole buildup what with the teasers and stuff that had been released, I was left sorta disappointed. I expected more to happen but what I thought we got was a whole lot of feet dragging and not enough plot movement. Oh well, I’m not J.J. Here’s for hoping it only goes uphill from here.

PS: How fuckin’ bizarre is it that I smell sambal belacan at 5:30 in the morning? Guess someone started cooking for their reunion dinner way ahead of time.

Number 13 is screen candy

Olivia Wilde is on House. Awesome. Her spot on alpha dog was quite simply titillating to say the least. No, I did not watch the movie.

I thought she was just put on to fill up office space whilst Chase, Cameron & Foreman chided away time ’til something really catastrophic takes place and they all file back into P-PTH but it doesn’t look that way. Damn she’s hot. Who could ever forget the girl-on-girl action she had back in the days of the O.C?