Regular transmission

My handwriting looks somewhat like chicken litter. And I can’t remember why ACEI causes hypotension.
The cold has gotta be responsible for this somehow.
Has to, for god’s sake.


Something for a Friday afternoon

One of my favorite patient medical history that I made up as a mock situation for the test that we had this afternoon:

Patient name: Ms. Daisy

Currently on:

  1. Trastuzumab injection for breast cancer
  2. Sandomigran for duh, migrains
  3. Sildenafil for ED
  4. Xanax for ED induced depression
  5. Rivastigmine for Alzheimer’s disease

Can you possibly fathom a guess as to what’s wrong with this case file?


PS: Sorry if you don’t get it, but we’ve been giving our AMHs an unhealthy amount of love the past 2 days.

Bring on the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekends!

Class of July ’04

Having free Friday afternoons is a luxury that I treasure very much. You get to catch up on sleep you missed throughout the past 5 days, work on those nasty notes that you realise you have to speed read on Sunday anyway, and clear up that mountain of a to-do list.

Having left college last year and with practically all of my spare time spent on furthering my FF XII conquest, I set out packing up all those stacks of papers that virtually spelt out my life for those 1 and a half years. Organizing them out into subjects and finding all sorts of scribbles here and there, geez did it bring back fond memories. Personal notes to each another, parties where drunkards blurt out their inner secrets unknowingly, those were the days.


So maybe my bundle of paper didn’t quite fill up the each box. I swear I had more stuff. Anyways, I also stumbled upon this.

Graduation certificate

Yes, I was one of those idiots who slaved through A Levels for ask-my-grandfather- reason. Wait, maybe that’s exactly why I opted for that very course. There’s this misconception that A Level graduates tend to be smarter than the rest. In actual fact, I’d like to think that we’re more sesat than others therefore needing 2 years to fully convince ourselves that we picked the right(hopefully) career.

Boxes + cert

God knows we needed the extra assurance. Mentioning that you went through the rigors of studying like a nerd and having a somewhat functional social life does make people expect more of you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that other pre-u programs are easy, heck, nothing is. In fact, every time someone tells me how book loving we are, I usually point them to STPM students and tell him/her that they are the hardcore nerds. You just don’t breeze through life without putting in any sacrifices. Waitaminute, I’m digressing. I miss you people.

Are You Hungry?

Seeing as to how your roadside lekor seller can afford to be driving a brand new 5 series nowdays, I thought why not try dipping my virgin fingers into the culinary arts line.
Here’s my menu. Yeah yeah, it doesnt exactly spell out variety but I assure you, they’re scrumptuous! Not to mention healthy.



Main course:





Er…brain pudding

Don’t you think Jamie Oliver should just hire me to replace him? I wouldn’t need to bother about the responsibility of handing out yummy little pills. Well, these ARE yummy anyway. Right?