Til the end



A gazillion miles away, & strands of your fur came back along with me.


We are just the same

I’m going to be so broke in the year to come.


Don’t leave it a day

Tomorrow might be the day I find out if I’ll still be ’round in 3 months time.


4 leafed clover

Definitely not dead, although I do believe I’ve seen Nirvana.

Followed by a road trip that couldn’t have turned out any better.

And NO, the cows weren’t supposed to be in the picture. They kinda just, magically appeared.

I really did need the time away from everything. And those 3 days were just fantastic for me to clear my head before dipping my toes back into the black waters of fourth year (can’t for the life of me believe that I’m finally graduating).


The day the lemon had heart surgery for the second time

The Lemon

No more crappy Meebo sessions. No more 1.5h battery life before my iPod goes limp. I think if you peek hard enough, you can sorta make out one of NIN albums’ art. Then again, staring at that sickly screen for 4 days will make you crazy.