Walking to the Point of No Return

So the weather has finally cooled down.
I’ve stumbled upon some old pictures of Holly. From the day we brought her home to the day we frantically rushed her to the vet after my mum ran her over, to the day she died from a liver infection, she was always the life of the house.

The crater that popped open after she left was magnimous.
No longer did we have to chase her down whenever a guest came.
No longer did I have to tie her up before I went out.

I lost not a dog, I lost a companion.
Even hours before she expired, she still continued to tease and battled through it all until her body gave in in the wee hours of Christmas day.

I refrained from mentioning this, because I wanted to ensure that when I did it, I wanted it to be right, and fitting. This, Hollywonkaboo, is your grand sending off. Sorry korkor wasn’t there with you all the time. Sorry for being so lax with you. Sorry for letting you have your way all the time.
Sorry, for not getting you to the vet earlier.

You’ll always be in our minds. Gone yes, but not forgotten…