Walking down the aisle

Marriage seems to be in vogue right now.
Couples who have been in relationship for ages (perceptibly I must add) are tying the knot left, right, and centre.
Whilst I understand the want to settle down especially if you’re not getting it, I’m willing to wager they don’t last 10 years.

Call me a cynic for all I care, I know I am. Harping back to the old days, I don’t really see the urgency in wanting to say ‘I do”.
Yes, you both can claim to be committed until the cows come home. How stable really are you in life? You might be making good money, have close to nil debt, and perhaps your overjoyed parents might even be willing to foot your wedding dinner and/or down payment for your house.

But seriously? At what point in life do you stop asking handouts from your parents?
At what point do you start earning your own keep, and actually start giving back to them for everything you’ve ever had?
It’s your wedding mate, your life. Your fucking responsibility.
Are you really going to ask your parents to pay all of that just so you can have sex?
If you are then I think you’re the biggest son of a bitch I’ve ever met. And your parents are total morons for wanting to be a part of it.

I’m down with it if you have a better excuse than ‘yeah I think she’s the one’ or ‘I don’t think I’ll ever find anyone else like her’ or ‘we’ve been together for so long it’s just the natural next step’.
Just don’t blame it on love, because it’s not.
Love doesn’t conquer all.



I’m glad I didn’t stop walking.
I’m glad I kept my chin up when everything seemed to be crashing all around me.

I will admit to doing no wrong, because in my opinion, maturity has never been your fortè.
I kept the faith; the doctrine that governs my principles in life. I never waivered.
It’s only fair that I credit the family & friends that stood by me when I was this_close to throwing my hands up in surrender.

The weekend is ending.
God that was lightning quick.

Because being an intern isn’t cheap

The best thing about graduating is the notion of finally being able to earn your own keep. I was in one word, stoked. That was until I found out that I have to fork out another $1868 for intern training in addition to board rego($360). After that comes the little fees for assessments and they roughly add up to another thousand, easily. For a moment, it still doesn’t seem that bad. Then comes the realization that my PR application is going to cost me another $3000.

And here I was thinking I’ve already spent a bomb on my education. Boy was I clueless.


One final note for those who don’t know us and are just browsing the internet. If you are a Great Commission Disciple of Jesus Christ, then please do not give directly to government agencies or to a non-Gospel oriented NGO’s. If you want to give only through a major organization, I would suggest Convoy of Hope. They are great! http://www.convoyofhope.org/ You can “earmark” your donation specifically for flood relief in the Philippines. It is important that we conduct charity only through agencies who are committed to enlarge the Kingdom of God and provide the opportunity for recipients to receive everlasting help… everlasting life. Thanks for your consideration on this topic.


You’re just a living waste of skin

I always thought being around people who tried too hard was like eating sand paper.
Until now.
This is a new low.

As pretentious as ever, and for some odd reason not having an iota of modesty.
For all the talk, it’s nice to know you never once look in the mirror.
Maybe you haven’t heard of the saying pot calling the kettle black.
Or perhaps you’ve just got it into your minuscule brain that you’re the only things that matters in this whole goddamned world. Nothing compares to you, but your pathetic little existence. For fucks sake, wake up already.
The company that I keep might not be your cup of tea, but at least they’ve got some resemblance of class.

And for that, I’d pick the plastic figurines anytime.

And Tlaloc sanctioned rain upon us

It’s been a rubbish few days of weather with drops of rain that keep coming down at the worst possible moments. My main gripe with that is that the temperature is annoyingly chilly right now.
I can be effed with the temperature outside but when it’s 13° in my room, I’d much prefer the 18° that it routinely is.

It’s been ages since I actually sneaked in more than 7 hours of sleep, but last night alone I went 11 hours, which is pretty much a new record since I got here (but thats a story for another day). On occasions I would lift an eyelid thanks to the sound of rain splattering on my glass wall (yes, I have a glass wall, not a window) and detect no hint of sunlight before delving back into the deep warm depth of my quilt and the quagginess of my countless pillows.

Just yesterday my house mates and I set out to pickup groceries and god knows we came back with so much stuff (picture not buying anything for a month, and you’ll have a rough idea on what we needed) we were eternally grateful for living soclose to the markets. What I can remember off my head what we lugged home: onions, 3 kg of grapes, 2 kg of bananas, garlic, pork, chicken, heaps of vegetables, oil, chicken meat & bones, a tray of eggs, noodles, garlic, bacon, ham, spices, ‘shrooms, and chillies. We had something like 14 huge plastic bags filled with stuff.

Unfortunately, term re-opens tomorrow so it’s back to books and labs. I’ve got a hospital visit on Wednesday, actually and I’m kinda looking forward to see how it’s like over here as I already have first hand experience of the settings in a private Malaysian hospital.

Fuck. I was in the midst of doing some image editing for a new wallpaper and after awaking Aretha from sleep mode, I hit a blue screen. Fuckingly fantastic. And NO, I don’t cultivate the habit of saving my work.