#77 Brings Back Memories


90’s trends.

Double points if you had an Alien Workshop on the end of that chunky chain.


Kingsman, take II


Absolutely perfect for a day-off Monday night.
I don’t think I could say one bad thing about the acting, nor the plot if you can just let the storyline unfold and take you where it wants to.

Just a heads up to the increasing number of people with macs out there to please reboot your systems after installing the extremely botched up update that apple pushed through 2 days ago. I was otw to work this morning when I realised that silly me forgot to do just that even after reading how idiotic that is (especially when they conveniently forget to inform you).

Speaking of driving to work, 99.99% of the time when I get in the car, my phone goes in it’s phone holder and gets aux’ed in into the stereo (perks of an 8 year old car – no BT interference). I snagged a data-free music streaming package with my new contract which still has 4 months give or take to run down, so because of that, I had Pandora 24/7 when I was driving.
Now obviously, with Pandora packing up their bags and calling it a day in the land down under, that left me with…Spotify.

It ain’t Pandora, but that’s because I literally spent YEARS curating my radio stations. Anyways, I’m getting away from the point that I want to make: we stream almost everything now. Our data allowances have of course swelled to the point whereby we don’t skimp as much as we used to.
BUT, I still miss owning my music. Having it at my fingertips. Having some modicum of control over my library basically.

On that note, it is bedtime. My goal is to sneak in at least 7 hours of uninterrupted zzz’s (this is proving to be an impossible task with daylight savings when your other half is stuck 2.5 hours behind you).

12:44 am

There’s this misconception that you don’t do anything on your RDOs.
I beg to differ completely.

There’s always some form of cleaning to be done, books to read (hello sleeping beauties!), and/or some weights to be lifted.

After the hustle and bustle of shifting into our new home, I was greatly looking forward to getting back into my routine after clearing out the garage of all the miscellaneous moving boxes.
Disappointingly, I’ve suffered some setbacks due to time constraints and also other more pressing matters (e.g. needing to frost a number of windows for privacy).

Let me share one small issue that remains unsolved right now:
Back when I bought my bed & mattress combination, I could have sworn that the mattress was a queen and the bed frame a king. This memory of mine was duly proven to be utter BS when the supposedly queen mattress was plonked on the just-assembled queen frame when we moved in & promptly DID NOT FIT.


Dear Hagavik, right now, you are the bane of my mother. Watch this space, we’ll get around to fixing this soon.


As is customary on Wednesday evenings, I get my weekly dose of cardio while chasing a ball around an artificial turf.


And then pay homage to Klang’s finest invention ever.
Tender, juicy, flavourful pieces of meat in a broth so infused with goodness that a certain god deemed it too delicious for his followers.

The signs send subliminal messages

“Very, very little in the style of an airport sign is arbitrary,” writes David Zweig, author of Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion. Take the font, for example. In 75% of all airports, you’ll find one of three typefaces: HelveticaFrutiger, and Clearview. All three are sans serif because it’s easier to read at a distance. The unofficial rule for size, according to the Transportation Research Board’s guide to wayfinding, is that every inch of letter height adds 40 feet of viewing distance (so a “3 inch tall letter would be legible from 120 feet”). Sometimes different terminals will have their own distinct signature sign design—like rounded edges or a specific color. “If you are ever in an airport or campus or hospital or other complex environment and suddenly something feels off, you sense you are going the wrong way, there’s a good chance it’s not just magic or some brilliant internal directional sense,” Zweig writes, “but rather you may be responding to a subconscious cue like the change of shape from one sign system to another.”


Everyone including their grandmother knows (and loves) sriracha by now, so naturally we’re all looking for the next it girl. Enter stage left: Sambal oelek.

In my initial cooking and experimenting days, I bought jars, and jars, and jars of different chilli pastes. Different brands of sambal, sambal oelek, you name it. Despite them sounding somewhat similar, they are anything but.
If you prefer the type you get plonked on your nasi lemak, opt for the former. Otherwise, the latter is much more on the watery (and obviously less spicy) side.

Personally from experience, we’ve ended up mixing two different brands of sambal to come up with our frankenstein child. Both of them have their own specific strengths (sweetness vs spiciness) and cons (watery vs volume) so this way you have a win-win situation.



Being malaysians, this is a condiment that we utilise at least twice a week. Eggs? Cucumber? Sauteed onions? All of the above please!

Yes, sambal and cucumbers. Think of it as the malaysian version of hummus and crackers.