And so here we are. 10 days into 2016 2017.

In 10 days time I’ll be flying back home for Kev’s wedding and also a little r & r.
I’m hella psyched tbh, this holiday has been a long time coming.

Shall we start with the customary new year’s resolutions ?

No 1 is to further reduce how much I imbibe. By my rusty calculation, my longest streak came very close to 2 months (the winter months were the easiest what with the cold and all because all you crave is a warm cup of tea while curling up with a book / movie).
That’s not to say I intend to swear off alcohol altogether, but really to start treating it as well, a treat.

Second on my list is to somehow persist with this semi-healthy eating habit that I’ve formed and to also not let my fitness deteriorate. Those close to me will know of my struggles with the injuries I’ve accumulated over my sports playing days and how they’ve genuinely affected me throughout 2015.
2016 was a huge step forward in terms of being able to keep up with everything that was going on around me, and I fully intend to keep building brick-by-brick upon the base that’s already been formed.

#3 would be to worry less and let things come as they do. I generally try to stay away from sensitive topics (e.g. work lest I run afoul of rules of engagement) so read between the lines. I have realised for quite some time that I need to be less hands on with what I do, but it is not something that is easily accomplished.
The desire to strive for perfection is very much a sisyphean adventure.

For number 4, I’m going to combine 3 items that strike very close to home (and I hope will continue to be my mantra).
Read more, write more, and to stay hungry for all things new.



One of the simplest pasta sauces ever. Reduce some canned tomato with a few dollops of butter and an onion until you get to the consistency of a sauce that you desire, then slap that good stuff on some freshly cooked farfalle.



Round 2 of dog sitting before NY got me feeling like a grandpa. All we did was chill, chill, and chill some more while I devoured episodes of Stranger Things like they were going out of fashion.

L: http://www.grubstreet.com/2017/01/whats-the-best-bottled-water.html
While I’m overjoyed that we’re all over this sugar infatuation, this bottled water fad is still as bad when you come to think of how catastrophic it is from an environmental standpoint.