How do you play futsal without shoes?

After a bout of pseudo flu (as I like to call it) for 2 weeks, I’m finally feeling like I have my legs under me again. Trying to commit to going to the gym 4 times a week, basketball & indoor soccer at least once weekly, plus a good ‘ol park workout on the day of the Sabbath (my Sundays consist of 2 hour gym workout, 1.5 -2 hours basketball session, and then capping it off with said outdoor session at least during these nice glorious Summer days) – and you can see how my body sometimes just says “No hun, you need a rest day”.

Right around this time last year, I remember panting like a dog and giving up midway through a workout we did at the beach. Running up and down sand dunes, doing suicides and sprints…man, I really did feel like I was going to chuck my guts up.

Almost 365 days later, I can confidently say that gardening would be a more strenuous activity.

Looking back, running was both a good and bad thing.
Running was my solace, but metaphorically and literally speaking, you can’t keep on running forever.
Maybe having my knees taken from me was sort of, a good thing.
There were those 6 am gym sessions that I would force myself out of bed made only possible because Steve was willing to be the other idiot that would rise that early with me. Those dark cold winter months were harsh I tell you.

Lifting weights to me is a boring, repetitive action that neither brings me any satisfaction nor gets me out of breath.  Believe it or not, my holy shit moment came when one day I decided to do some leg presses and as sore as it made my glutes feel, I knew it had loosened up my lower back.

Long story short, my goal is to prolong my ability to participate in basketball and soccer on a level that I feel is competitive enough. Coming from a skinny kid growing up, I’m ecstatic in being able to find the balance where I have the stamina to run all around the court but also not get pushed off by bigger players.

Truth be told, I don’t quite know how long I can keep up with this crazy schedule. Being semi-single and not having a family here definitely makes it easier, but things are going to be changing in 2017.
I’m just going to worry less about the things I can’t change, and do more about the matters that I can influence.

ps: I also plan on committing to writing once daily (believe it or not, I could not spell entrepreneur on my own without autocorrect stepping in) as I feel like my command of English is sinking ever so slowly.