At some point in my early days of cooking, I had this amazing stash of herbs and spices that I had in my pantry.
I can’t honestly say that I had any inkling of what paired well with what, but you know, there were plenty of nights where dinner consisted of beer and chips with my botched experiment in the bin.

Like almost everything at life, the more you work at it, the better you get.
Thankfully, those days are behind me.
I also very rarely experiment these days as my schedule doesn’t permit the Dexter in me to run amok anymore.

My major gripe with Adelaide is that getting decent chow is actually pretty darned tricky. Apart from fast food and well…fast food, there really isn’t a huge selection when you really think about it. Reminiscing again, coming from Malaysia and being new in town, I was blown away by the great fusion food and pasta places and etc that we never could afford back home.
Fresh oysters and great steaks? I didn’t know how much they cost back then, but I sure as hell know what they’re going for these days in KL (how do regular Malaysians afford this is beyond me).
Up until maybe a year ago, my gastronomic adventures went unchecked.

I digress, that is a story for another day.

This lady on the other hand, has no issues experimenting with herbs.
I’m gonna steal this recipe for the next time I host a dinner party.


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