With winter well & truly here (first time in ages since I can remember having my space heater on), logically, we’re all yearning for some warmth and sun.

No summer holiday for me this year, but what I wouldn’t give to sweat buckets and complain about butt swamp right now.

Sometimes I think my phone’s battery just hates me or it’s really on it’s last legs (note to self: don’t keep it on charge all the time!), the amount of times it’s jumped from 50/40 % straight down to single digits is just depressing. Granted, I do have a power bank that I bought early this year to sort of cope, but it’s just so erratic I rarely have sufficient time to go ah crap, and hunt for it.

Ah well.

At least we celebrated Donut Day at work yesterday, I slept heaps last night, and there’s an open slot at the rec centre later. But first, definitely an expresso or two.

PS: As I was getting to the end of Needful Things, I just thought things got a bit too draggy. Just an OK book from Mr King.







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