Running Low On Options

So I got a text the other day from Vodafone telling me that me my year old free subscription to Spotify premium was winding down.
To be entirely honest, I didn’t quite utilise it as much as I thought I would’ve. Sure….everyone’s raving about their famed ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist, but it really didn’t tickle my tunebuds.
I tired very, very hard to like their player, even going so far as to attempt to use it as my primary player (this was a herculean pain in the bum I assure you) – but I just could not do it. Not as my daily driver. Nope.

It just wasn’t intuitive enough for me to discover new music, but also re-discovering old gems that I forgot / lost over the years.
Anyways, I thought, hey, time to hop back onto the 8tracks bandwagon.

Lo and behold, in their attempt to go legit and appease the great music label gods, they’ve ceased streaming entirely in Australia. I MEAN WHAT THE FISH GUYS.

Hey, you guys just keep pushing me back to what I already knew was the bees knees: Pandora.
So there you have it.


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