Every Day Is A Struggle


The other day I got home from work and thought to myself, “Hey ho, call it a quick and early night”.

I was utterly wrong.

Lying on my bed, way out at the corner of my blind vision, I caught sight of something black wiggling its way across the ceiling.
I bolt up in bed and put on my googly glasses – A ducking huntsman.
Picked up the trusty Dyson stick and gave it a quick whir, head downstairs to flush the bastard down the drain when I stumble upon a redback. Wow…this is turning out to be quite the night.

Being bloody fighters that they were, they put up quite a resistance against the onslaught of water and TWICE tried to climb back out.
Come out of the washroom…and I hear crickets in the living room.
Can’t catch a break. Took me another 15 minutes hunting them down.



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