The Uggggh Ball

So let’s talk about this niche of a group that adores OSX but yet at the same time, doesn’t buy into the whole idea that the apple ecosystem should be all encompassing – enter Android & it’s slew of handsets.

You either love or hate iTunes, there’s no two ways to go about it. Over the years, it’s ballooning in girth and complexity to accommodate its capabilities have been well documented, that’s something that has been well documented and whinged about aplenty.

What I do want to talk about though, is the hardship of trying to sync music & playlists along with the nuances of album art and ratings and the such from iTunes onto your android device and vice versa.
Pick your poison be it wired or wireless, Android and OSX do not make very nice bed buddies.

I tried a bucketload of apps to try and get my stuff onto my phone, I very nearly gave up…that is until I stumbled upon iSyncr.


Doubletwist with it’s fancy named AirSync? Check.
Android File Transfer (AFT)? Check.

Nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to iSyncr when it comes to functionality and ease of use.

The one big issue I had with doubletwist was that it wasn’t quite capable of transferring all of my music (there always seemed to be an error in moving some obscure named file type), but (and this is just me being nitpicky) the album art was just shit to look at. I mean, it looked so pixelated and jumbled that you might as well NOT have it.

AFT was my primary workhouse when I needed to chuck new tunes into my rotation, but this involved deleting and re-transferring every single music file. Also, playlists were non existent when using AFT.

iSyncr on the other hand, essentially syncs playcount, playlists, high quality album art (BIG YAY!) with your iTunes client quickly and fuss free. There’s the iSyncr Mac client that you need to download which is quick and doesn’t bog your system down (unlike doubletwist) and then paying for the iSyncr app for Android on the play store.
That. Is. It.


Syncing is surprisingly quick. Let it run every night before you go to bed and bazinga! everything is ready for you in the morning.
The developers (JRT Studios) even have a very capable and pretty looking media player ready for you (Rocket Player) that handles everything perfectly.
Even on it’s own, I would pretty much be quite happy with Rocket. Metadata editing, being able to pick album art, big buttons for use when driving, I dunno what else you can ask for.


Please don’t judge my taste in music, my library runs across the entire gamut of genres.It works for me, and that’s what playlists are for.


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