Bush-ing a pitch

14 years ago, September 11th happened. Imagine that, eleven years. TBH, it doesn’t feel like it has been that long since the term war on terror was coined.



Apple Loves Superlatives

So after what seems like aeons, I sat down over dinner and finally watched a keynote. I remember the days long ago when I used to stay up to 3 am just to see what earth shattering new products Apple would launch. College the next day? That’s cool, young me could do with 2 hours of sleep, endure a 1.5 hours traffic jam that could possibly make Pepe even more batshit crazy, sit through my lectures without passing out, then come home and crash thereafter.

All content that I was able to witness the brilliance of the late Steve Jobs live with the rest of the world.
Oh yes, I drank the Apple kool aid big time.

I also recollect trying to skin my souped up PC in a feeble attempt at emulating OS X. Wow.

Fast forward to the future, and while I’m on my second MacBook Pro (shoutout Thelma!) after my first got stolen (I hope you have a good life Betty; see the common denominator here?), I wouldn’t call myself a fanboy anymore, but you definitely have to give Apple credit where credit is due.

First the iPhone, then the iPad. I remember not being able to afford the iPhone due to its exorbitant price tag & had to settle for an iPod touch (which I might add was only possible thanks to gran chipping in).

I freely admit that Apple was truly excellent for innovation, and continue to push the boundaries to a certain extent, but as of late I’ve found that they’re no longer as free spirited as the early days. And why should they? They’re sitting plush on a mountain of cash – about $160 BILLION much.

This post was meant to be a critique of all the things that I noticed in the keynote, but I’ve obviously digressed.

First off, look at how smug Tim Cook is here proudly brandishing his new cash cow.

In actual fact, this picture does not do justice as to how much swagger he’s packing. It’s extremely hard not to want to stomp on Tim Cook’s face just to get that pompous look off his face (and no, I don’t hate Tim Cook).

Yada, yada, yada. OK cool, new bigger iPad with a $100 pen.


Cue….Eddie Cue! This guy looked like he had no idea what he wanted to say and kept tripping on his lines initially. And dude…did you and your team not get the memo about purple power?
The intro to the relaunched apple tv was brilliant. Absolutely kept me thinking, oh, have they finally got their act together and built an actual tv? Sadly, the answer is no.
Pretty disappointing really. Siri? OK. Google now kicks Siri’s bum to the moon and back.

So then, the new iPhones.
Guy showing a heap load of emotion as he’s gaming? Check.
I will say though…that camera is a thing of beauty.
Live photos ? Not bad, doesn’t look like it’ll be a gimmick either. Pretty cool.
That Move to iOS app? Sneaky sneaky Tim. Heck, Google should do that too, but the likelihood of Apple even letting that app see the light of day is well…I might have a better chance at hitting the lotto.
One thing I kept noticing Tim mention was aluminium glass and I’m like…what? That must be a mistake?

Wrap up ? Not bad I reckon. Not bad at all.

Jumping The Turnstiles

Who would have thought.
This, when everything points towards magnetic levitation as the future of mass rail transport.

That being said, I can’t wait to finally visit the states & soak in the magical place that is 89 E 42nd St, Grand-bloody-Central Station.

I mean, seriously. Look at that.
The Adelaide train station isn’t too shabby looking either, I must admit. It has garnered quite a few positive remarks from interstate visitors, but boy oh boy, I don’t think it holds a candle to this view.