Real men do yoga

With our season behind us and none of the old boys able to commit (yay to planned parenthood), that leaves my Tuesday evenings free again. Ergo, time to get serious with my rehab.

Rather bizarrely, my new orthopaedic surgeon doesn’t seem to think that there’s anything wrong with my surgically repaired knee despite his best attempts at eliciting some form of pain response. Left with no other option, we’re obviously going to have an MRI scan done to be doubly sure.

Straighten those knees! I want to see those hips tighten up! 

I must have contorted myself into some weird-as-shit looking positions this evening at yoga. There isn’t really an IF, I know that I’m going to be very, very, sore tomorrow.
Considering I locked up and cramped midway through a pose, and then did some proper running around at badminton right after that, yeah, it’s a given.



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