Moving up in the world

2 years ago when the realization that work was not all that fun and fulfilling that I thought it would be, I picked up running again.
Throughout my life I’ve mostly tried to stay committed to team based sports, because getting things done as a pack has always been more fulfilling.

No longer being able to play late night soccer on Thursdays and basketball on Saturday arvo brought me back to square one : running.
Maybe it’s because it gave me an outlet to release all that pent up frustration & anger. Just constantly moving your feet to the rhythm of your beating heart, pushing things out of your mind, eyeing the end of the next block so you can catch a breather waiting for the light to the turn green in your favor.
Running under the rain when the mercury sits at 11°? No big deal once you settle into the zone.

Doing 5 k’s daily after work with no rest period in between days chews up your knees, regardless of how fit you are. I learnt my lesson the hard way finding my left knee the size of a grapefruit and sore as as soon as I was done. I let it be, foolishly thinking that it’d go away. Not quite.

Nearly two years to the day, I’m finally going to get surgery to fix the problem. Goodbye to my lack of lateral movement, to not being able to squat or walk up stairs without cringing in pain, to losing my first step that allowed me to shake & bake, to finally getting my life back.

In 4 days time, I fix the bloody problem & start my rehab. I’m both excited and nervous at the same time for the prospects that await me, but you know what? I have learnt so many things from this episode.


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