Thursdays used to be my favourite day of the week. Clock off at 6:30, make a mad dash back into the city and hop into Fariz’s car to play some indoor soccer. The day I’d look forward to the most.
How things change. These days Thursdays mean a death inducing 12 hour shift that leaves me a shell of myself by the time I get home at 10:15pm, not to mention the lack of football.

Battling the man flu and having one of the toughest week of my working life, I ended up having coffee with a mate who’s partner is off in the mountains having some guy time in the snow. Reluctantly for sure, I had no idea how drugged up I was until I realised that I was swerving all over the road on my commute back. Saying a prayer for no cops to show their face, I picked her up and I just let all my frustration rip.

Unless you’ve been living under some god forsaken rock somewhere in the world, you would have realised that we are now in a recession. Sure it took a bit longer to reach us, but there is no buts about the reality of it. Under the guise of restructuring (and always a favourite past time when my manager is away, no prizes for why this only occurs during this period), I was given the responsibility of making our rosters fit our wage bill. Once the dust had settled, there was only ever going to be one conclusion: retrench 1 or more members of staff, and make the rest buck up.
I fought tooth and nail to only have to let 1 go, in the hopes that this would be enough a wake up call for everyone to lift their game.
Shame on me for even thinking that was possible.

Needless to say I am not the most popular person at work right now, even though there are more turbulent political plays happening behind the scenes which they are not privy to. I chose retail healthcare because I thought it lacked the bullshit office politics that I so detest, but again, naivety.

I am quite frankly, fed up with self-appreciating selfish living things. You are only as good as you think you are. The true boundaries of your worth and knowledge lies in the realm where you have to be honest and say, I don’t know anything about that. I like to preface my selling points by always saying, but I am not perfect and there are still heaps for me to learn.

The two of us ended up pondering what our careers would be like in the next few years. Do we love our jobs? Maybe. Do we enjoy doing it? Partially.
Financial renumeration is not everything. I wouldn’t quit and work somewhere else that paid me more if I didn’t feel the challenge. Some people might jump at that, but I don’t.
Professional satisfaction comes before financial benefits.
But that’s just me.

And flu shots do not prevent you from falling sick.


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