I feel like the did the wrong thing by telling you how I really feel. Honestly I thought it would just make you realize that I did want more than friendship with you but I guess you’re not ready for that. Are you ever going to be ready for that? It’s been over a year that you have been living inside my heart and not having any love in return fucking sucks. But I guess no one else is to blame but me, it’s my fault for getting my hopes up for nothing, my fault for making myself believe that deep deep down you did love me, my fault for talking about you 24/7, my fault for falling in love with someone I knew was never going to love me back. Now it’s like we’re total strangers. We rarely talk and when we do, it’s not the same. I miss having a regular conversation without it being awkward. & now am stuck trying to forget someone that never loved me and let me tell you it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but eventually I’ll realize how much you weren’t worth it. Not today, not tomorrow and maybe not next month, but someday I will.



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