Walking down the aisle

Marriage seems to be in vogue right now.
Couples who have been in relationship for ages (perceptibly I must add) are tying the knot left, right, and centre.
Whilst I understand the want to settle down especially if you’re not getting it, I’m willing to wager they don’t last 10 years.

Call me a cynic for all I care, I know I am. Harping back to the old days, I don’t really see the urgency in wanting to say ‘I do”.
Yes, you both can claim to be committed until the cows come home. How stable really are you in life? You might be making good money, have close to nil debt, and perhaps your overjoyed parents might even be willing to foot your wedding dinner and/or down payment for your house.

But seriously? At what point in life do you stop asking handouts from your parents?
At what point do you start earning your own keep, and actually start giving back to them for everything you’ve ever had?
It’s your wedding mate, your life. Your fucking responsibility.
Are you really going to ask your parents to pay all of that just so you can have sex?
If you are then I think you’re the biggest son of a bitch I’ve ever met. And your parents are total morons for wanting to be a part of it.

I’m down with it if you have a better excuse than ‘yeah I think she’s the one’ or ‘I don’t think I’ll ever find anyone else like her’ or ‘we’ve been together for so long it’s just the natural next step’.
Just don’t blame it on love, because it’s not.
Love doesn’t conquer all.


1 thought on “Walking down the aisle”

  1. when I marry again it’s so Iam able to share my his last name. It’s special to me. I never wanted to use my ex last name. but I do with this guy. He has captured my heart.

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