300 scripts. 12 Webster packs. A dead Outlook box since the start of the year. Druggies. Customers who become cheapskates when they find out the amount that they have to fork out for brand premium medication(s) and those who insist on sticking with the originator.

I think this is the pinnacle of mayhem.

Deep down inside I hoped that I’d be able to make it back this year for CNY. All grown up, it isn’t so much about angpao‘s and the gambling anymore, it’s the ability to spend some time with the people that matter the most. Reunion dinner and chor yat’s curry and pong teh breakfast. Watching the insane fireworks from my garden on the eve of the big day. Multiple dinners at mamaks because all the decent tai chau‘s shut down for a week. The camaraderie.
Le sigh.

Maybe 2012. Just maybe.