2 days ago, my laundry bag broke.
This morning, my espresso machine rendered itself useless when one of the screws that holds the filter up went *missing*.

FML. Not a good start to the week that’s for sure.
Back to the old school method of french pressing it for now, until I get a replacement screw from Sunbeam.



I like how you’re able to read my mind, and say the things i need to hear.
There are two people who know me better than i ever thought, you, and my family.

Where would i ever be if we never got stuck in that god forsaken class?

AMH nonsense

haemodialsis with high flux polyacryonitrile membrans (AN 69) may result in anaphylactoid reactions; similiar reactions may occur in patients on low density lipoprotein apheresis with dextran sulfate.

I’m sorry, but what the fuck. That is too much information for one sentence. My brain is mush right now.