Conjuring up magical pixies

I almost forgot what it’s like waking up smiling from ear to ear.



As of late, the only things I think I ever do anymore are work, and chasing those ever closing deadlines. Somewhere along the line, sports and some studying fit in. I rarely find the time anymore to sit down, have a steaming cup of espresso, and delve into what I feel passionate about. That is partially why this blog feels so dead occasionally; I’m too busy living.

I find it so odd that amongst my friends, the ones who wanted to stay on abroad didn’t, and the ones who didn’t plan on actually did. Life’s kooky that way some time.

I still can’t believe that the year has whizzed by so quickly.

4 months on

And I’ve finally got my PR. Like after effing forever.
Anyways, all fine and dandy. No need to stump up some cash for my bridging visa B when I go home in August then.