Sipping tea

I would say I have enough stuff to open my own mini pharmacy.  Now that my script-only NSAID stock is running precariously low, I’ve  been experimenting with a range of OTC concoction to get me through the day.Wincing in pain the moment you take your first step of the day definitely does not constitute a great start.

The sugar coating on both Voltaren & Nurofen make them stick to the back of my throat so much it ‘s becoming a  pain in the ass trying to melt them off. That being said, diclofenac does seem to work a whole lot better than ibuprofen. The awesome thing about working in a pharmacy is that you can ask for almost anything (codeine,pseudo,sedating anti-histamines,etc) without getting the raised eyebrow treatment. I remember being tossed a packet of sample sleeping tablets when I off offhandedly mentioned having some problems sleeping. Just. Like. That.
I love the perks that come with the job. I absolutely love them.


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