Womack & Womack



Au revoir.

Maybe it’s because I’m crazy,
Maybe it’s because I just can’t,
Honestly tell you what I want.
It’s never enough to stay still and hold you,
To break loose and run the taste of you,
Wild on my tongue.

Sipping tea

I would say I have enough stuff to open my own mini pharmacy.  Now that my script-only NSAID stock is running precariously low, I’ve  been experimenting with a range of OTC concoction to get me through the day.Wincing in pain the moment you take your first step of the day definitely does not constitute a great start.

The sugar coating on both Voltaren & Nurofen make them stick to the back of my throat so much it ‘s becoming a  pain in the ass trying to melt them off. That being said, diclofenac does seem to work a whole lot better than ibuprofen. The awesome thing about working in a pharmacy is that you can ask for almost anything (codeine,pseudo,sedating anti-histamines,etc) without getting the raised eyebrow treatment. I remember being tossed a packet of sample sleeping tablets when I off offhandedly mentioned having some problems sleeping. Just. Like. That.
I love the perks that come with the job. I absolutely love them.

Adam & Eve

Not bad Damon Lindelof. Not bad at all.
I’ll be so upset when Lost ends in 2 episodes. Will we ever get all our questions answered? Perhaps not, but i do think it’s better that way.

One fine day when I have the time again, I’ll definitely rewatch the whole series. BTW, I went WOAH when the flashback with Kate happened. Freckles is just drop dead adorable. Forget for a moment the almost non-existent tits, I’d do her in 1 second flat.

On another note, Alexis Bledel popped into one of our random work conversations the other day. I need to get Gilmore Girls. And that lame sequel to her uhm, travelling pants flick. Those eyes. Those damned eyes. Her little role in Sin City just blew me away.

The Road

Definitely not one for when you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Viggo Mortensen stars in this bleak movie based on Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer epic. Despite grumblings on IMDB, I thought it was brilliant. Kodi Smit-McPhee adequately played his part as the child with Charlize Theron being well, Charlize Theron (I think she’s the bomb, so I’m biased that way).

Buy a good bottle of wine and grab your partner/dog/busuk and be gripped by what lengths a father is willing to go just for his son to survive. The ending did catch me by surprise a little bit, but that has got me to adding the book to my must read list. Easily my favourite movie this year.