Leaving it a day

These four walls preserve the sanctity that is my sanity.
When the earth comes crashing down on you, you find out what little mettle you possess.
With one foot through the door, I’m not turning back. Not now.

The colour and size of the walls might differ from time to time, but the crux of its purpose has always withstood restructuring.
I still find myself asking the same questions.
Seeking answers to which I already know, but perhaps foolishly thinking that they’d change with the times.

Deep down inside, we all have our own little demons. Little battles that we wage against ourselves.
We are no different from people who openly appear to be loony.
Our only saving grace is the ability to avert attention to someone else.

We appear to be what we want people to perceive us to be. Most of the time, that persona isn’t who we really are.
This in effect, makes every single one of us are hypocritically mad.

Now isn’t that food for thought.


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