My weekend to do list

  1. Kick off my selvedge jeans to the tailor (and hope that they can get it done in a week)
  2. Fix Diesel sunnies
  3. Futsal
  4. Move bed, books, non essential living entities to the new place
  5. VERY carefully wrap up my espresso machine + grinder into their respective boxes in preparation for transport
  6. Find a way to live on french pressed coffee for the next 1 week
  7. Sneak in time to finish up my calculations assessment
  8. Lodge PR app
  9. Polish work shoes + bleach my awesomely dust crusted chucks
  10. Get more sleep

I spent the first half of my Saturday last week sipping a macchiato at my local coffee place, in singularity. I have to profess, that was an excellent cup. Blows Cibo’s entirely out of the water. The reason for this exclamation of love? It was even sweeter than a ristrètto. It was that good. That one small drink made my day, literally.

The short period I spent just sitting on my bum, doing nothing but having a short conversation on the phone whilst people watching was tranquility at it’s best. The change in pace was refreshing to say the least, when compared to the maddening pace that my weekdays go about.

I so can’t wait for Future weekend to come.
Prodigy + Dubfire + Eric Morillo + Above&Beyond + Way Out West.


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