Finding my feet

It’s been 3 months since I first muttered the words, “Hi I’m Andrew the intern pharmacist, how can I help you?”

God knows I’m still adapting to having my life revolve around my work. Coping with the commute has at times brought out my worst side (it takes me an average of 3hours to get to and from work). It took me a very long time to find my inner peace, and come to grasp with the confidence that I should have.

I do so dearly miss Klang. The sweet dusky smell of my green walled room. My bed that numerous people have deemed too low.  The sweet silence of the night. Waking up to the rays of sun that pierce my window. Having my silly dog come pouncing down on me as soon as my door pops open.

And yet I find myself hesitating in taking that final step.
Malaysia has always prided herself in the unity of her multicultural society. It is as if the differences between the races is the very glue that binds us all so close together, and yet it saddens me to read about the sorry state of Malaysian politics these days. I have been forced to muffle more than  a few WTF’s on my bus ride down to work (this is where an unlimited 3g data plan comes in handy) when catching up with the round-up of the day’s news.
How could we have strayed so far from the path that we originally trodded on?


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