Seeing things through

I woke up to a half dead blackberry, blinking away as if it’s life depended on it.

Occasionally, there are times where you look up to the heavens and say a prayer. Today was one of those days.

When the dust settled, everything was fine. Nothing was out of order.
Right after that, you silently cuss the bad luck that had just befallen you.

In 26days time, the year will be over. It’s usually around this time of the year that I customarily do my year in review thing, but maybe I’ll skip it this time around. I want to be able to look back over what transpired over the past 12months and be able to put on a smirk on my face. To be able to laugh over the silly. To remind myself of how I fought through the bad and still hung on.
Then again, what exactly do these reminiscing accomplish?
It appears to me now, that their primary function is just to satisfy our omnipresent need for ego stroking.

For the first time, I won’t be back home for NYE & CNY. There isn’t much to celebrate about, but I’ve experienced a newfound appreciation for family. The little things that matter most.
I need to take things step by step, one at a time.
The worst part about being a perfectionist, is the insatiable appetite for well, perfection. And therein lies my downfall at times.


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