For the past 1 week, I’ve been indulging in the awesome food haven that is mamaks, tai chaus, & kopitims. In that same 1 week, my stomach has filled up to epic proportions but not entirely due to the gastronomic delights. Instead, for the past 4 or so days, I’ve been having the worst cases of gastric that literally requires me to bend over with my hands around my stomach.

Bearing in mind that gastric pains and me haven’t been the closest of pals since I was in primary school (yes, I actually started having gastric attacks when I was 9), it looks like a GP’s visit is in the horizon. On another note, I’m also going to have to pay JPJ a visit to process my international driver’s license, basically as a backup in case I do manage to get a job back in ADL. I’d still love to actually be able to afford a car on an intern’s salary but with all the silly loans, rent, and living expenses, I guess I’m going to have to bus it for the time being.

I guess I’m still very torn on where I actually would like to work. Being home has it’s fair share of perks. There’s no need to worry about rent, transportation, and food. Getting back into the lifestyle that was pre-ADL wouldn’t exactly be unwelcomed either. Then again, I’m not quite in the position to decide. Despite what I initially thought, it’s not really a case of comparing apples. Apples and oranges maybe, but definitely nothing that’s like for like.

At this point, if I were successful in nabbing a job that isn’t rural based, I’m sold. Totally. Over supper, I was asked if I missed Malaysian food as well as the culture. My immediate reaction; Nope. I’ve come to realise that over the weekends, I stay in. Yeah I do head out for lunches and dinners and I do my grocery shopping but I generally keep to my side of the town. I don’t miss malls that are open til 10pm. Heck, I barely step foot into one anymore (but thats probably got to do with my budgetary concerns). Regardless of the choice, it’s not going to be clear cut- I’ll take what I can get because I don’t have the luxury of being picky.

Perhaps the deciding factor would be the environment that I treasure most. A third world mentality with first class facilities, or vice versa.


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