I have the winter bug.
Since getting back last monday, I have spent a ginormous amount of time hiding under the warmth of my quilt sleeping.
That being said, the weather outside has been splendid the past couple of days. With the amount of sunlight and heat we’ve been getting over some days, you’d very much question the season we’re in. Until the sun goes down and you go “shit shit shit shit it’s cold”.

I’m totally dreading having to send out all my job applications, heading down to my old pharmacy, and not forgetting my POS management assignment that’s due sometime next week.

Sometimes I wish that I had a magical money tree that would never die.
And then reality kicks in.

PS: Did manage to catch Harry Potter last night. Wasn’t too bad. Not going to do a play by play review, but definitely worth your buck. Unlike Transformers 2.


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