Caffeine flows through my veins

Today I learnt the hard way how badly I need my cup of joe. A couple of days earlier when I was around the marketplace, I elected not to pick up any beans even though I knew that that was the day they get fresh beans, just because I had 2days worth of grinded beans left & was just being anal about how fresh my coffee needed to be.
That was mistake #1.

Mistake #2 was when I stepped out of my apartment this afternoon and faced a downpour, 15º winds, sans an umbrella. I duly walked the whole 15mins I needed to to get to my local coffee shop under the rain. By the time I had my precious little powder in my skeleton like hands, the rain had intensified and was now a full fledged drencher. Needless to say, I was soaked to the bones as soon as I reached home.

A mug of golden black liquid down the throat, and the headache that was threatening to crack open my skull magically went away. That dull condemning depressive demeanour lightened, and it was like a brand new day again. Mistake #3 was having another one, thereby protracting my enslavement to caffeine.

I will probably never understand how weed is technically illegal, but yet cigarettes & caffeine aren’t.


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