Salut Adelaide!

My bags are packed. I made it a point to head to the local bottle shop last night to pick some some Pale Ale that I know I’ll miss dearly whilst back in Malaysia. Dunno how I’ll be lugging 4L of beer up in my luggage and whether it’ll turn out okay but heck, it’s worth a try. I very nearly forgot to pack my lab coat & placement workbook last night. The saving grace: when my pile of lecture notes came crashing down, and with it the damned book.

So in about 12h time I’ll be in Singapore, meeting up with some friends for a bit, before hopping on an MH flight back to KL an hour later.
The only things left for me to chuck into my messenger bag are my laptop and my precious external hard disk filled with movies galore. Reckon I’ll get them done with so I can survey what’s what and determine if I missed anything out.

To the people still here, it’s been a damned good year. I’ve enjoyed every single bit of it. My maxis number still exists so I’ll be reachable @ 017-6565067. Til then, bai!


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