Awake @ 9:30 on a Saturday morning

I must be the only person that needs 3 different versions of JUSTICE’S D.A.N.C.E.

Last night was the best doze ever, in the past few weeks. So good in fact, that this morning whilst cracking open my eggs, I inadvertedly cracked them over my waste bin instead of the bowl.
There I stood, wondering if I really had just done that.

After a few days of ~30° weather, it finally cooled down to a nice 17° today. It’s almost surreal how was this semester has passed by. In about 20 (my math skills are awful, and I’m too lazy to count) days time we’ll be sitting for our finals. Fast forward 5 days after that and I’ll be on a plane back to Klang again and I swear to god, the first thing I’ll have after touching down is Shanmuga’s nasi lemak! And I was wondering why that line seemed so goddamned familar.

I’ve got tons, and I do mean tons of lecture audios to go through as it’s finally hit me that even with a pristine attendance, by the time I’m home I’ll be waaaay too exhausted to even want to flick open my notes & the 8am classes suck the ruddy life out of me. Basically, they’re not worth attending.

Because I’ve just woken up after an interesting Friday night where I realize that my tolerance level is nowhere as high as it used to be and saw a cute family with a fairy mother & witch kids on my way to one of the pubs, Happy late Halloween all.


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