Bloc Party no go

bloc party

Bloc Party’s ‘Intimacy’ Tour is clearly one of the hottest tickets throughout Australia, with first shows in Sydney and Melbourne selling out minutes after going on sale this morning. Fans in Adelaide and Perth followed suit, with both shows also selling out straight away.



The day the lemon had heart surgery for the second time

The Lemon

No more crappy Meebo sessions. No more 1.5h battery life before my iPod goes limp. I think if you peek hard enough, you can sorta make out one of NIN albums’ art. Then again, staring at that sickly screen for 4 days will make you crazy.

Greener Pasture

They say keeping a diary helps you reflect upon the days that were. How things used to be. Going through my archives certainly has that surreal effect on me.

Exactly one year ago, I was at the happiest point in life that I could ever be.
Oblivious to everything that was to come. Clinging on to every fragment of rapture. Hoping it would never end. But I knew it would eventually, one day.

I remember, every minute detail that came to happen that day. Picking her up at our usual meeting point. Having lunch at Midvalley, heading off to Subang Parade for dinner, and everything in between.

The esoteric nature of what’s happened from that one day to the present one, sometimes makes me want to pinch myself and wish that this is all a dream. Maybe. Just maybe.

I should think almost a year of self punishment, ought to be sufficient for me to genuinely wake up and face the facts that’s been shrouded under a cloth so small, it barely conceals the hideous reality of things. Facts that I’ve been trying so hard to not embrace.

In 11 days time, we’ll be even further away than we’ve ever been.
Greener pastures for her, I should think, even though the dull tone of her voice conveyed that she did not share my thoughts.

I’ve banished the demons of my past. I’m taking baby steps, at reclaiming bits and pieces of me that went missing.
It’s not easy, but I’m glad that you’ve been with me along the way. And for that, I’m grateful.