Something for a Friday afternoon

One of my favorite patient medical history that I made up as a mock situation for the test that we had this afternoon:

Patient name: Ms. Daisy

Currently on:

  1. Trastuzumab injection for breast cancer
  2. Sandomigran for duh, migrains
  3. Sildenafil for ED
  4. Xanax for ED induced depression
  5. Rivastigmine for Alzheimer’s disease

Can you possibly fathom a guess as to what’s wrong with this case file?


PS: Sorry if you don’t get it, but we’ve been giving our AMHs an unhealthy amount of love the past 2 days.

Bring on the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekends!



Try cutting down on your daily coffee intake. That should help tremendously.

It’s bad when your doctor tells you that without you even needing to tell him how many cups you drink a day.
Over the phone.
All the way back from Malaysia.

Yeah, the twitching hasn’t ceased.