And Tlaloc sanctioned rain upon us

It’s been a rubbish few days of weather with drops of rain that keep coming down at the worst possible moments. My main gripe with that is that the temperature is annoyingly chilly right now.
I can be effed with the temperature outside but when it’s 13° in my room, I’d much prefer the 18° that it routinely is.

It’s been ages since I actually sneaked in more than 7 hours of sleep, but last night alone I went 11 hours, which is pretty much a new record since I got here (but thats a story for another day). On occasions I would lift an eyelid thanks to the sound of rain splattering on my glass wall (yes, I have a glass wall, not a window) and detect no hint of sunlight before delving back into the deep warm depth of my quilt and the quagginess of my countless pillows.

Just yesterday my house mates and I set out to pickup groceries and god knows we came back with so much stuff (picture not buying anything for a month, and you’ll have a rough idea on what we needed) we were eternally grateful for living soclose to the markets. What I can remember off my head what we lugged home: onions, 3 kg of grapes, 2 kg of bananas, garlic, pork, chicken, heaps of vegetables, oil, chicken meat & bones, a tray of eggs, noodles, garlic, bacon, ham, spices, ‘shrooms, and chillies. We had something like 14 huge plastic bags filled with stuff.

Unfortunately, term re-opens tomorrow so it’s back to books and labs. I’ve got a hospital visit on Wednesday, actually and I’m kinda looking forward to see how it’s like over here as I already have first hand experience of the settings in a private Malaysian hospital.

Fuck. I was in the midst of doing some image editing for a new wallpaper and after awaking Aretha from sleep mode, I hit a blue screen. Fuckingly fantastic. And NO, I don’t cultivate the habit of saving my work.


Take a deep breath, and start all over again

Suffice to say, I’ve seen, heard, and experienced things I never thought were possible. To say my past week or two has been a total roller coaster ride would be cliched beyond belief, yet that’s exactly what it was.

To put one thing into an analogy; there will always be things that we all crave but once said things are within our worldly possession, all sense of appreciativeness is then blown away with the wind. This, is one of them.

Your text came out of nowhere, I never did expect it. Yet as much as I appreciated the gesture, the novelty just wore off at that instance. That’s not to say that what you did counted for nothing, but maybe you just have horrendous timing.

Thank you, for reminding me that there is good left in the world. And yes, I’ve missed you heaps too. Thank you for at least having the courage to own up, and made the first step in reconciliation. A lesson perhaps, for all of us.

I can’t really remember how many times I’ve slept on a bed in the past week plus. That’s not to say that I’ve been bunking around places, but maybe just a measure of how uncomfortable my room makes me. Call me odd, but warm, lean beds have always been my thing. The mattress in my room is akin to a cold water bed (even despite a wool quilt) if you will, add in the silentness that goes with it and the lack of sunlight and well, you get the idea.

My eyelids have been twitching continuously for the past 3 days. It’s driving me nuts. I haven’t had decent coffee in the same number of days that I haven’t woken up in my own bed. I trust we all can make decent deductions.

As some of you may have made out by yourselves from my last post, a high school friend dropped by Adelaide last week and we met up with another old pal. Words escape me if I were to somehow be asked to describe everything that occurred. Somehow it made me remember of how things use to be. How guileless and naive we were, and how the only thing that mattered was pure unadulterated fun.

I’ve got to get home. Nobody likes stale chocolate milk.


So I had a test on Monday that I think I passed, I’ve got lab tute tomorrow, and then another test on Thursday. Right. Doesn’t sound like it can get any worse yeah?
Another test the following Monday.

Say, I thought we just started classes?