I Live on Grote Street

You don’t quite have a firm grasp upon how fast time flies, until you look back and see that everything was a blur, and what’s more surprising is that period of time wasn’t that long anyways.

So how’s it like moving out for the bloody first time and having to wash my own toilet bowl, cook my own (proper) food, living with other people apart from family for an extended period of time, and also being responsible for expenditure (not one of my favourites, considering the current state of the oz currency) ?
It’s alright.

Adelaide isn’t as bad as they put it out to be. Sure it isn’t KL or Melbourne for that matter, but it’s still pretty easy to live in. I’m quite fortunate to be residing in a particularly strategic spot for free public transport. The free city bus that stops right in front of my campus happens to stop right in front of my townhouse, whilst the tram is only 3mins walk away.

Speaking of walking, I reckon I’ve covered a fuckload of distance on foot already in my 3plus weeks here. The weather here is mad, in case nobody has heard of me griping about it already. One week of 16degree weather is followed up by 30, and then now 39degree sweltering wind. That’s not much fun. Then there’s the whole thing about how I don’t have a single fan in my room, and silly me initially thinking that the weather would really cool down a week after the sweltering heat (it did, but only for a week before rising).

Anyways, I’m quite done with everything. I don’t know what I can do anymore, or rather what we can do anymore, that will make things work. I won’t deny the fact that we tried, but maybe we really do need more time. I guess we all need to clear our heads for a bit, and just go about our daily lives and just stop paying thought to what we’d like to happen. Maybe we’re just too close for our own good?


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