For Sale

Back in April I did a little review of the new Walkman that Sony kicked out of it’s factories. 7 months to the day, and I’m looking to part company with Bethany (yes, she has a name). Since then, I’ve checked out noise canceling earphones (in case of an emergency for when the day mine goes to the heavens) and surprise surprise, they retail for RM400. No joke here.

Basically, it’s in pristine condition. I’ve kept it in one of those little handphone cases which protected both the player as well as the ‘buds; because losing the rubber plugs would totally suck. I know that Sony has rolled out brand new Walkmans which now play video in addition the audio but they don’t come with the nifty noise canceling buds. I am looking for ~RM600 for mine since the warranty has not been filled in yet so you needn’t worry about that, it’s in tip top condition, and the price is negotiable.

Ps: I’ve been lost to the outside world countless of times with these NC earbuds.


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