How much DOES a male pornstar make?

How much do male porn actors make, and how are they paid? I mean when you first get interviewed, do they pay by the inch, or by how attractive you are in general or by how much prior “profesional” experience you have in the industry. Do you get paid royalties for every dvd sold or every pay per view porn site visited? The reason I’m asking is that I’m just getting my feet wet in this business and thus far I’ve recieved a few “low-ball” offers and one offer where I could make over $1,000.00 per scene; but I have no frame of referenc to know what I should be getting for my perfomance. If you would rather call I can be reached at (919)805-4166

James… you can make anything from $50 to $1500 per scene. You get paid per scene, and nothing more. No royalties, no inches, nothing to do with your attractiveness.

Here are some more ideas about how to get involved.

Getting into the porn industry is very very difficult if you are a man. You must be able to get it up, keep it up, and then cum within 2 or 3 minutes of being asked. That is a given. You have to be at least 7 inches and very thick, preferably over eight. You have to be in some kind of physical shape, and you have to have stamina. You have to be willing to work with any girl in any situation, and be prepared for stop-start sex.

Sending pictures will get you nowhere. You have to actually GO to the studios and introduce yourself and then they will take naked polaroids of you and get back to you. But even then, your chances are minimal.

There is always a market for porn actors, regardless of your background and personal requirements, but at the same time you have to have (a) talent, (b) luck, and (c) you must be in a good location. New York, Miami, San Fran, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Prague, Budapest, Montreal, Toronto, Vegas, even Minneapolis all have decent porn-producing studios, but 95% of the top adult movies in the world today are produced in Porn Valley. That is the San Fernando Valley in NorthWest Los Angeles, California. If you don’t live in or near that valley, your chances are automatically significantly smaller.

Once you’re in the Valley, go to VCA Platinum, Elegant Angel, Metro or Wicked (in Chatsworth), Vivid (in Van Nuys) or Sin City (in Canoga Park). But as I said, your chances of getting hired as part of a walk-in are extremely low.

If you’re looking for low-budget internet porn jobs, they are out there, and searching on yahoo and google and excite can be productive. Instead of looking for advertised jobs, look for actual sites which offer the kinds of porn you’d like to be involved in and think you have a chance of being involved in). Then, make sure the porn is made by and for the website itself, then contact the webmasters and owners of the site and try and strike up a negotiation for an appearance in a movie for them. Of course, you need to have your photographs and details online.

Now assuming you go to the Valley, or somewhere similar, the best advice is always to find a stunning girl who wants to be a pornstar, and go to a studio with her. The girl should specify that she wants to work with you and the – ouila – you have a job. They’ll always hire a hot girl, and if she’s only willing to work with you, you just received a free ticket into porn superstardom.

If you’re looking to do gay porn, the girl is unneccessary and it will be ten times easier for you to get a job. Gay porn stars are always needed and if you’re willing to do that, unless you’re completely unattractive to most men, you will get work in LA.

The old/young/kinky/hardcore thing is vital, especially if you are not bringing a new female into the industry, as they call it. You have to be willing to do ANYTHING and they will often start you off on something gross. Naturally, you’ll have to perform very well in your first few movies particularly, and then you’ll also have to work for small amounts until you’re well known.

If you’re thinking of mainstream acting or what not, you almost certainly will be exposed by the paparazzi. Once you do porn, your ENTERTAINMENT career is permanently red-flagged. Just come up with an alias and make it clear that your identity is to be kept a secret. Many pornstars do that.

If you’re looking to get into gay porn in particular, it’s simple. Move to LA. Go to the gay porn studios (they’re in the book, they’re all over the place), and walk right in and audition. They’ll know within five minutes if you’re what they’re looking for and they’re ALWAYS hiring.

Agents and agencies are sometimes OK but usually not, be very careful. The best thing to do is to write to a few male porn stars and ask them how they got involved, and how to get involved, agency/agent/studio wise. They’ll tell you. It will probably even be in their online bios.

If you have a girl with you, and she’s hot, and she wants to do porn with you, I suggest you go to JIM SOUTH at World Modelling on Van Nuys Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California. He’s in the phone book.

Anyway… bottom line is… if you like the sun, go to Los Angeles. If you don’t, go to Germany, the Czech Republic or Hungary. Because you’re not going to find work anywhere else unless a miracle happens.

Good luck and I hope to see you slamming your cock into Taylor Rain’s ass in the near future.

Just an FYI. In case you know, anyone was curious.

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  2. […] and…, getting into the porn industry, naked polaroids The Den of Inadequacy: How to get into porn How much DOES a male pornstar make? uberfusion thanx a bunch __________________ Wannabe Porn Star RIP Bernie […]

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