Sliver of utopia

The unusual hours that I’ve been keeping for the past 4 days paid off, and successfully re-converted me into the night owl that I used to be. Being able to sleep off 1/3 of a day was superb; but going back to school in about 7 days time isn’t going to help my cause.

One shouldn’t take eyelids that threaten to stage strikes too seriously, especially when there are better things to be done. As unbelievable as it may sound, I went 48 hours cold turkey, relying instead on tea and various other consumables to keep me sane. I even took the briefest catnap that I dared while the missus chowed down on her chocolate banana that I picked out (just because I abhor cheese but tolerate it whenever we’re having cakes). Intermittently, she’d scrunch up her face and let a flying fork do a fly-by to check if I’ve checked myself into la-la land. No, the fork wasn’t flying at me, it was a fly-by, with delicious cake on board as passengers. See? I really wasn’t sleeping hun.

Hell starts today. In a bizarre way, I’m glad the wait is over.


One thought on “Sliver of utopia

  1. […] Exactly one year ago, I was at the happiest point in life that I could ever be. Oblivious to everything that was to come. Clinging on to every fragment of rapture. Hoping it would never end. But I knew it would eventually, one day. […]

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