Har har gas

I am one step closer to getting goblin ears. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, baby.


Tick Tock

There is a clock ticking on my head. It’s like what they say; appreciate what you have, they never last.

The day before

Transformers this. Transformers that. Gack. I’m heading out in a bit to actually see what the big fuss is all about. I did catch the animated series when I was younger but it didn’t make that big an impact on me as it did on some people, evidently. To think I passed on premiere night tickets, HAH, but I guess there were more important matters that needed attending to then.

I love how people sound when they’ve just woken up. Really. Well, actually only one, but you get what I mean ;)
I’d better get going. Don’t wanna be late.

“Maaf, tuan”

My 20th birthday was not a joyous occasion for more than a few reasons. This is not one of them, but it’s one of the incidents that certainly made it a memorable one (for all the wrong reasons).

On that very day, I was rushing an assignment with my close friend, and so we adjourned over to her place. Me on the PC and her on her laptop making use of one printer. We happened to be in her cousin’s bedroom, and she went out a mo’ to get some loose sheets of paper for printing. I heard a knock on the door and a woman who looked like an Indonesian spoke quietly, apologizing for interrupting, and said she needed to get something from the dresser. I obviously said it was not a problem, and to go ahead with what she needed to fetch. She said sorry, again, and then went on with her task. She took a black cloth from the cupboard and left.
Prior to this, I was aware that my friend’s cousin employed two maids, but she neglected to tell me that they had been sent back!

Yes, I bumped into a ghost on my birthday. When my friend got back, I casually retold the story to her to which I got a stoned faced reply of, “What?” That was when she told me that the maids were no longer in the house. Yes, I swear this is true.
To this day, we still joke about the maid and how she might do us some favors by cleaning up our rooms.

07/07/07 is apparently regarded as quite an auspicious date. Meh. Who cares. My birthday present came early =)