Conservative consumption

Imagine yourself as a 7-11 clerk. At 1:45 in the dead morning, two cars stop right in front of your shop. At the back of your head you remind yourself that you, my dear friend, are the only person on duty and it just so happens that the location of your shop isn’t exactly known for its safety.

A bunch of young adults stumble out. Presumably back from a couple of beers. You become wary of the situation. They enter your shop…and head straight for the fridge at the back.
To get more beer.

We looked like a bunch of alcoholics (I concur) having the attendant pop open our bottles because we had no bottle opener. Hah. We started drinking in front (see?) of 7-11. Kinda sucked that I had to leave by 2:30 because apparently some dick of a motorcyclist had been rounding my place (with its lights off) for the last 2 hours, therefore obligatorily rendering my high, but not drunk ass home. I was just getting started on the foosball table…albeit leaking goals was my expertise.

And the beer we had earlier was totally overpriced: RM75 for a bucket of Heinekens? At that rate we were paying 15 bucks per bottle. Fuckin’ cheats.