Would you like the finger with your honk sir?

Traffic jams are devil’s little reminder of how inadequate our tiny little roads(or highways) are. On the way back from lunch I was saying a prayer for not being on the other side of the road (from Klang to KL). Suffice to say…it was shit. Todays driver was feeling particularly horny(honest to god). Too bad her’s sounded like a pussyvan singing =)

Thursdays at nine is like the holy hour for me. I just do not lift my bum of the couch- I’m a diehard Amazing Race fan and since it’s conception, the asian version too. Take a wild guess who I bumped into today. C’mon, think…really really hard. Furrow up those eyebrows. No? The all-girl team from Malaysia; Jo Jer and Zabrina. Errr, no, I didn’t actually go up and ask them who won since we’re still one week away from the finale. Don’t ask why. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or the fact that I didn’t want to spoil it for myself. I’m too fuckin’ sleepy for questions.


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