Tell me it ain’t true

Have you ever had a moment…of how the very thing that you’re talking about unfolds before your fucking eyes? I lost my wallet. Whilst out having a drink talking about losing wallets. And all the damn hassle that you have to go through to get your documents remade. And I had my wallet stolen. Fuckin’ amazing. It’s like a fucking WTF moment. It’s something like…first ian…then beef…and now me. Like a bloody circle. And well…there’s one person left…you know…to actually complete the fucking thing.

That said, I’d count myself as pretty fortunate. There was a thick wad of cash in it…and I loaned it out right before leaving. Someone luckily saw my two credit cards and made a remark, which led me to taking them out as well. All in all, the damage doesn’t seem so heavy: ten bucks…along with ID’s and membership cards. I had a peek at the security cameras which IMHO had a damned good view of the whole restaurant but it didn’t do much help. It looks like it slipped out when I hit the washroom. Bah. My fuckin’ luck.


2 thoughts on “Tell me it ain’t true

  1. @@ How could it slip off ur pocket in the washroom. Cuz guys, er, don’t even need to squat. unless, you’re doing big business haha.

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