“Jamaican Me Crazy”

Freedom is only a day away. The people don’t know it yet but after tomorrow, I can kiss sick people goodbye. No more 7 o clock wake up calls, no more aching feet, and best of all, no more pill counting. Hallelujah!

As the various telly shows trickle back into regular scheduling, one sadly won’t be around for much longer. You probably heard of how the O.C has been cancelled with it’s last hurrah coming on feb the 22nd. I used to adore mischa back in the days of season 1 when it had a lot more of a gritty feel to it. But then again, the show didn’t exactly die with the departure of mischa as most people seem to be fond of saying. It’s demise really started way before that in season 3. Can I say that the script writing quality has been shoddy of late? Yes. Do I still want it canceled nonetheless? No. It was my daily dose of “this-is-impractical-in-real-life-but-I’ll-buy-it-drama” that offset the other dramas i.e Grey’s & House.

Speaking of House, it returns today. This is the episode that everyone’s been waiting for: Tritter finally stops being a prick and is forever banished from Princeton Plaisboro. Now all that’s missing are Lost(WTF is gonna happen to Kate & Sawyer?), entourage(Ari?), PB(You gotta be kidding me), grey’s(Eh?!?) and Heroes(Black to white)!


2 thoughts on ““Jamaican Me Crazy””

  1. I found the episode where Taylor and Ryan fell off the roof and were both in coma really time wasting. They are like making episodes for the sake of reaching that particular number to finish the season off. However, I like the Taylor-Ryan romance.

  2. Hah. Wasn’t that the chrismukkah epi? It just seemed so…surreal and cliched to me. You get what I’m saying. Ship in some better script writers and it’ll be all smooth sailing once again. Another network seems to be picking it up =) *fingers crossed*

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