“Michael Jordan plays ball, Charles Manson kills, and I talk”

Thank you for smoking is one of those shows that didn’t quite make it to our shores, because of, oh I don’t know. Aaron Eckhart whom some of you may recognize from his role as the baddie in that futuresque flick with Tom Cruise, gets his chance to shine this time around. And shine he does. He plays Nick Naylor, a tobacco spokesperson whose job is to hoodwink the public into thinking that smoking is nothing but a healthy activity.

In a nutshell, his mouth is as gifted as they come. It’s entertaining to watch how he manouvers himself around sensitive issues whilst giving the perception of having answered the question without actually doing it. This is something which he himself highlights and acknowledges in the movie itself.

Being able to look the other way and living with himself in light of his chosen career, Nick has another dilemma: his 12 year old son. Joey(potrayed excellently by Cameron Bright) is your average kid. He looks up to his dad but yet finds it difficult to come to terms morally with what he is doing for a living. This in my opinion, is the beauty of the movie itself. Throughout the hour and a half you spend watching this movie, the transformation of Nick and Joey & the expansion of their relationship is something that features prominently and they pull it off very well.

If this title sounds familiar for some odd reason, then you might have read about how Katie Holmes originally flashed her rack but this scene was removed(guess who jumped on the director’s couch). Not that this effects the show in any way but I guess we’ll have to wait a bit for that to happen. Adam Brody, Rob Lowe, William H. Macy & Robert Duvall also feature and as anal as I tend to be I couldn’t really find fault with anything.

I give this one a 8.5/10. A very worthy watch.
PS: Not one cigarrete was smoked in the making of this movie. Amazing eh? That’s one for the people who have BIAS written on their foreheads.


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