Give them nothing, but take from them…everything

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25 thoughts on “Give them nothing, but take from them…everything

  1. god christian is a tard!
    1st as any student of history will tell you the battle of thermopylae was a military defeat, they delayed the Persians for a few days at the cost of over 6000 crack hoplites and a spartan king.

    2nd there were over 6000 Spartans at the battle, and the king dismissed the few remaining Spartans after the Persians found the goat trail staying behind with only 300 men.

    3rd the movie entirely skipped over the most important battle of the entire war, the one where the Persian tide was actually turned at the battle of salamis. thus leading up to the last decisive battle in the war the next year. (interestingly enough those responsible for turning back the Persians were the Athenians the true lovers of democracy)

    4th most of you identify with the Spartans (I’m assuming you live in a western culture)
    but the Greek political philosophy was one of staunch individual rights, that would make even the biggest liberal today cringe.

    1. Actually you’re a little (lot) off. There’s a reason that it was called the 300 and not the 6000 Hoplites. Yours appears somewhat elitist an attitude for one that was as historically as inaccurate as you are. It was only 300 Spartans. No, they weren’t the only ones there. There were other Greeks and the point of the battle was to slow the Persians long enough to get the rest of the Army in place, plus there was a Naval battle that also met with similar sucess in that they were severely outnumbered and managed to outmaneuver the other side. That also is a little told story. You’re not the only one that reads history books but damn! If you’re gonna look down your nose at others, at least get it right!

    2. fuck u dude it is a movie ok guy jesus keep ur dick in ur pants ur probably a pussy that does not understand that this movie was made for action not to be 100% correct jesus ur a cock knocking goose fucker

  2. benthebearded:

    hahaha, Fuckin’ give it a rest. It’s a movie. Nobody cares how much knowledge you have on Greek civilization, you pomous dick.

  3. hahahaha fuck you benthebearded…calm down motherfucker is just a movie!…it is based in Frank’s Miller comic book…it isnt historically accurate because nobody wants to see a movie about something they can see in history channel…assface…hahaha

  4. at least benthebearded is smart. unlike the rest of you ignorant fucks. nowadays you kids have no honor and respect for the truth. you just want to have a good time. it saddens me to see that this is what the world is coming to…fuck

  5. Benthebearded is the most pompous fucktard ive seen ina while. Stupid buttpirate homo motherfucker. bentheretarded more like it. Stop trying for ur 15 secs of fame and beat off in a library u dicktard! And augie, go back to that swamp u clean and dont patronize us with ur wank! Stupid Ho!

    1. lol jus so everyone knows these ppl with all this knowledge have no real life or friends they sit at home n play tickle butt wit the next neighbors cat bc again they do not know anybody n then they become in beastieality and this is why your hear on the news of y ppl rape goats so i think we shuld maybe give them a chance to talk lol….

      nah fuck that bunch of fucking retards u guys can all go sit on something really large and begin a 360 spin

  6. this is just a fucking flamefest

    can we just reap glory of this awesome quote

    instead of being ign’ant pricks

  7. I’m sorry to say but benthebearded et al have missed the whole point – the suicidal stand by the 300 (not 6000) Spartan warriors was in fact a great success. The whole point of the stand was NOT to defeat the entire massive Persian forces, but to solely HOLD the Hot Gates at Thermopylae for five days until the Greek Carneian festival had finished – indeed, the Hot Gates was held for nearly a week – and to this extent, the mission was a great success.

    Indeed, the Persian forces were so ignorant of Spartan fighting techniques they WAITED 4 days before they launched their attacks on the Hot Gates thinking that the Greeks would just simply give up and surrender once they saw the sheer size of the opposition against them.

    The idea that there were some 6000 Spartan warriors fighting during the most important festival to Sparta, is nothing more than hogwash – however, to be fair to benthebearded, there were an estimated 7000 Greeks fighters packed solid in the tight confines of the Hot Gates at Thermopylae.

    There is no disputing the fact that Spartan warriors were the most disciplined, the best trained, and the most fiercest fighters known in the ancient Greek world – as the Persians found out the hard way, as graphically depicted by this film 300.

  8. Achilles nailed exactly the appropriate response to ben’s post. Kudos for Achilles. If you want to find out what REALLY happened at The Hot Gates then watch the One Hour Special on the History Channel that 300 PAID FOR TO BE PRODUCED.

    The movie is display the heroism of humanity. Not all men are evil. Some do fight for country, honor, and their freedom. They fight tyranny and mysticism.

    This movie is about the human spirit.

    The idea and capability of dieing with no garuntee of salvation in the afterlife.

    FIghting to yoru last breath for an idea, not a person, is the point of this movie.

    The Athenians defeated the Persian Navy, but their naval campaign could not have been launched without the halting of the Persian Army at the Hot Gates. So your point os “hogwash”. ^-^

    Don’t beleive me? Read up on Frank Miller!

  9. Movies like that are SUPPOSED to be accurate like history went. Sure, we could watch the discovery channel, but movies are supposed to tell the story in an interesting way(and accurate, off course).

  10. If you want total accuracy. Gerald Butler was not a real king. Some times you have to add a little movie magic for a movie to be good. Otherwise you see nothing but alot of talking and alot of marching. So please let the movie be what it is. Entertainment and let the discovery channel and history books tell tale as it happened.

  11. sorry to resurrect an old discussion, but you guys are FUCKING HILARIOUS!! I have never laughed so hard reading a discussion before, wish I was there when it all began, w2g !! THanks for making my day you guys, your creative insults will be used by me for a LONG time ! :-)

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