A year in review

January was a relatively quiet month. New resolutions were made, some accomplished, some obviously not.

February was more of a kicker. I had my first taste of Morphine. Trust me, it was good.

March brought FF XII anticipation. And well, the last month of my holidays.


June: Allah kinda got sidetracked midway through the World Cup. Precise predictions turned awry. Thankfully, my accounts stayed black. And then there was this. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

July was supposed to be my friggin month. My current emotional state then was perhaps, a foreshadow of what was to come in the next few days. Nikki underwent surgery on my very birthday; and we lost her 22 days later. Some facts you might not have known:

  1. We spent well over 1k on her surgery and post op treatments.
  2. After she came to whilst still under mild anasthesia, she attacked me because she didn’t recognize myself. Attack as in tried to bite me when I reached for her. Only after much talking to her and she herself sniffing the hell out of me did she come over and cuddle up like she always did.
  3. She died of post op complications. We had to put her down. We took turns keeping her company for more than 3 hours in the rain whilst waiting for the vet to arrive.
  4. The day she died, my whole family had a major meltdown.

Fhm’s party came to town in August. Song of the month was Snow Patrol’s chasing cars. It still is one of my all time favs.

*Click for a larger image. Stupid layout doesn’t allow for flexible width.

Holly slept like a pig in September.

And my mum ran her down in October. Her drumstick of a leg was left sticking out as we rushed to the vet’s who performed surgery on her that night itself.

November and december are well, november and december. The archives are there for a goddamned reason ay?

I’ll admit, 2006 has been a chockfull of experience. Losing a confidant, learning more about people, and pretty much a path of self discovery. A toast to 2006. May ’07 be what ’06 wasn’t and much much more.

PS: I’ll be gone to the highlands for some fresh air before rushing back on the 31st for some heavy duty NY drinking. Can’t imagine spending my NY watching vegetables grow! This will probably be the last post for 06- Happy New Year everyone!


Is that snow?

Pretty hard to imagine it’s already december the 24th. Am I the only one who thinks the past 12 months has all but flown by in a flash? Anyways, the cliched year end look back will come after tomorrow. Till then, merry xmas everyone!

“Michael Jordan plays ball, Charles Manson kills, and I talk”

Thank you for smoking is one of those shows that didn’t quite make it to our shores, because of, oh I don’t know. Aaron Eckhart whom some of you may recognize from his role as the baddie in that futuresque flick with Tom Cruise, gets his chance to shine this time around. And shine he does. He plays Nick Naylor, a tobacco spokesperson whose job is to hoodwink the public into thinking that smoking is nothing but a healthy activity.

In a nutshell, his mouth is as gifted as they come. It’s entertaining to watch how he manouvers himself around sensitive issues whilst giving the perception of having answered the question without actually doing it. This is something which he himself highlights and acknowledges in the movie itself.

Being able to look the other way and living with himself in light of his chosen career, Nick has another dilemma: his 12 year old son. Joey(potrayed excellently by Cameron Bright) is your average kid. He looks up to his dad but yet finds it difficult to come to terms morally with what he is doing for a living. This in my opinion, is the beauty of the movie itself. Throughout the hour and a half you spend watching this movie, the transformation of Nick and Joey & the expansion of their relationship is something that features prominently and they pull it off very well.

If this title sounds familiar for some odd reason, then you might have read about how Katie Holmes originally flashed her rack but this scene was removed(guess who jumped on the director’s couch). Not that this effects the show in any way but I guess we’ll have to wait a bit for that to happen. Adam Brody, Rob Lowe, William H. Macy & Robert Duvall also feature and as anal as I tend to be I couldn’t really find fault with anything.

I give this one a 8.5/10. A very worthy watch.
PS: Not one cigarrete was smoked in the making of this movie. Amazing eh? That’s one for the people who have BIAS written on their foreheads.